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S2000 Turbo Kit Comparison

by Steve Mason 1 Comments | Posted in News/Announcements

S2000 Turbo Kit Comparison

Often people ask me how the Mase Engineering S2000 Turbo Kit compares to other turbo and supercharger kits on the market.  Well luckily I do a tremendous amount of tuning and have tuned many setups on s2000s.  So I thought I would show a comparison between a few setups. We mean no disrespect to any party/company, but just to show some real world results.

Our baseline for our turbo kit we are going to use in this comparison is an AP2 model s2000.  One big note. Its running a STOCK exhaust w/ a test pipe.  Normally I wouldn’t want to compare our turbo kit with a stock exhaust, but its so capable.  Tuning done on this particular car was done on a dynojet, so ive prepared several dyno charts comparing dynojet runs.  The car running our kit is 100% stock motor. 93 octane.  11 psi.  5857 turbo and again STOCK EXHAUST. Our turbo kit charts will be in BLUE.

Now a comparison between the kraftwerkes kit and our turbo kit:

Comparison between SOS high boost vs Mase Engineering Turbo Kit.

What about on lower compression? Below is a comparison on higher boost on pump gas.
Mase Engineering vs. Inline Pro. 

(this one is a little unfair: Blue plot is our kit on a 9.5:1 compression 2.2L built bottom end on 18 psi running a billet 6262 ball bearing turbo Vs. the red plot is a 9.5:1 compression 2.0L stock bottom end w thicker HG on 18 psi running a 6265 turbo.  Both pump gas however our kit was on 93 octane, the car w/ the inline pro has 91 octane )

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Does the 5857 graph represent a ball bearing turbo? Does a BB make more power or simply have better transient response. Would you be able to see any difference graphically between a BB and standard non ball bearing unit on the plot?

Can you show the AFR info as well?



Posted by Tom Lynn | May 01, 2010

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