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Mase Engineering Facility

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Mase Engineering Facility

Its been awhile since we’ve updated the blog here on  That doesn’t mean we aren’t hard at work.  This year has been quite busy.  In late March, 2009, we moved into our brand new facility.  It consumes over 3000 sq ft of space.  It houses our AWD Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer, Fabrication area, and a couple lifts to boot.  The office is just big enough to hide out from the summer heat, and spend countless waking hours on the internet and phone calls. 



I am often asked about up and coming projects, away from the engine management tuning.  We are in the process of developing the most complete turbo system for the Honda S2000.  It will come complete with everything needed to bolt on and achieve 400 horsepower.  Development has continued off our Right Hand Drive S2000 kit, which is very similar.
Next we will be developing staged upgrades for the new Nissan GTR.  Despite the transmission woes many GTR owners are having, we have been learning a vast amount about these vehicles, and will be doing some serious upgrades to our Project GTR.  More to come about the GTR…

The Ford GT platform has been very exciting to work within the past.  Many Ford GT owners upgrade their vehicles, however there are some areas of my expertise that could be contributed to that platform that I believe will do great improvement. 

Website:  In the coming weeks, we hope to refresh the website a little, combined with the addition to our products page, we hope to grow rapidly. 

Stay tuned.

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about time you put the new shop on the site

Posted by rich | May 31, 2009

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